Axians and Customer Interaction Group introduce a rapidly-scalable cloud solution

for unified communications and contact centres. Axians, the ICT brand of VINCI Energies, and Customer Interaction Group are jointly introducing a new service to the market: ACX, a fully cloud-based solution for unified communications and multichannel contact centres

From the AxiansCloud, ACX bundles a number of channels such as telephony, video, online meetings, webchat and multichannel customer contact into one user-friendly and scalable service, based on the proven HCS technology by Cisco and the CXCloud contact centre platform. ACX has just one pricing, one management and one support model, and organisations only pay for actual usage.

The right specialist for every componentEmployees and customers place growing emphasis on good accessibility and service provision, while communication is becoming steadily more complicated with mobile applications like WhatsApp and video. “The major providers of cloud solutions often only deliver standard packages which are not attuned to the needs of organisations,” points out Erik Lenten, Chief Technology Officer at Axians in Rotterdam. “If you need specific features, then you are out of luck. And if it does not work with your existing systems? Then there is often nothing to be done about it, simply because the provider does not have the knowledge.”Customer Interaction Group also spotted a gap in the market. “Axians noted that clients often wanted a scalable solution for their contact centres, while we saw that people were increasingly looking for a combined package for a contact centre, business telephony and LAN, to be able to offer customers and employees an omnichannel experience,” says Maarten van de Pavoordt, Business Development Manager at Customer Interaction Group. “You can simply no longer consider business telephony, internet and contact centres separately, and our collaboration combines the best of these worlds.”Persbericht ACXMaarten van de Pavoordt, Manager Business Development Customer Interaction Group & Erik Lenten, Chief Technology Officer Axians(Photo: Paul Teixeira)


For perfect integration
In ACX, Axians and Customer Interaction Group deliver total unified communications as a service and contact centre functionality from the cloud, which can be attuned precisely to the client’s needs. “The difference with the major providers of standard solutions is that thanks to our cooperation with Customer Interaction Group, we have the specialists in-house for each component, and that we can ensure perfect integration between all the features,” says Lenten. “New possibilities and features can be added or removed quickly, and users can be scaled up or down depending on the client’s needs, while the organisation only pays for its actual usage. Naturally that is extremely advantageous when organisations experience huge fluctuations between high and low seasons, or if there are many fluctuations in the personnel base.”


For rapid innovation

Axians and Customer Interaction Group decided to join forces after a number of joint projects for clients like Alliander and the Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB, where the usefulness of such a combined solution proved its worth in practice. Alongside the tight integration of the features, organisations using ACX get just one pricing, one management and one support model for their entire contact centre and unified communications solution, and they are always assured of the most up-to-date technology, without having to invest sky-high amounts in it. “IT is often an inhibitor rather than a facilitator,” suggests Lenten. “That is because the business often has to wait a long time before the required features are implemented, and that stands in the way of rapid innovation and ambitions. When you can take communication flexibly through a service like ACX, then you can add new features much more easily, or can even experiment to discover what works best for you. The result is that organisations can get the best out of themselves, because they can then concentrate fully on their core activities and on innovation.”


Strategic collaboration

Hanjo Huizing, CEO at Customer Interaction Group: “The collaboration with Axians has strategic importance for us. It enables us to use Axians’ management and support organisation, which is ISO-certified. At the same time this collaboration lets us offer our CXCloud platform to a wider group of clients, and deploy our specialist contact centre knowledge for a broader group of clients. We are now able to offer a total solution for even the largest environments in the Netherlands, and to help them to achieve fast, personal and relevant (online) customer service.”




About Axians

Axians is the brand of VINCI Energies for ICT solutions and services. It supports its clients – private companies, public organisations, government bodies, operators and service providers – in the entire process of their ICT projects, from network infrastructure to application solutions. With some 7,000 employees, in 2014 Axians achieved sales of €1.6 billion.


About VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies operates with 63,000 employees in 50 countries, 30 of them outside Europe. In 2014, VINCI Energies achieved sales of €9.3 billion. With its tightly-knit network of 1,500 business units, VINCI Energies is now a market leader in the delivery of energy and information technology services in Europe and worldwide.


About VINCI Energies in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, alongside the Axians brand VINCI Energies encompasses business units operating locally, nationally and internationally in interdisciplinary plant engineering, industrial automation, installation and the maintenance of industrial installations under the Actemium brand. The market for the generation, transmission, transformation and distribution of electricity is served by the Omexom brand, and the VINCI Facilities brand is dedicated to Facility Management, combining technical maintenance, operation and services  for building-related installations. VINCI Energies in the Netherlands operates from 35 business units with more than 1,800 employees. In 2014, VINCI Energies achieved sales of €305 million.


About Customer Interaction Group
For more than twelve years Customer Interaction Group has assisted a number of national and international organisations with setting up customer contact solutions and improving the customer experience. It works with motivated experts and has the passion to make companies successful in acquiring and retaining customers. For more information: