Axians Sweden supports UNICEF

Today 30 million children are on the run trying to escape disasters and war.

Our Christmas gift and support goes to the UNICEF Organization.


UNICEF is an organization that are carrying out an extensive amount of  emergency operations and helping children all around the world. They ensure that children get support and help in the war-torn countries, in refugee camps and on the escape road. Our support goes to UNICEF’s important work.


With the help of Axians UNICEF will be able to give out:

  • 225 blankets
  • 35 refugee packages (hygiene products for a family on the escape road)
  • 70 disaster packages with contents that saves children’s lives during a disaster
  • 22 sets of winter clothing
  • 3000 doses of measles vaccine
  • 3000 doses of polio vaccine
  • 17000 bags of fluid replacement