Why Big Data is also attractive for pharmaceuticals manufacturers

Efficiency is absolutely essential also in the pharmaceutical industry. Big Data and digital statistical processes and methods help you optimize your pharmaceutical production.

Big Data and intelligent statistical processes and methods are used where large volumes of data need to be processed and analyzed. Every pharmaceuticals company has a vast amount of laboratory and operating data. However, the data sets are complex, unstructured and not consolidated in a data bank, which makes not only the analysis but also the search for data more difficult.

For efficient production planning knowing the right combination of production parameters and base materials to produce the maximum output of the desired active ingredient is of crucial importance. This is the starting point for Big Data to give your enterprise the decisive competitive edge. Automated, near-real-time and quick search of all data sources available by intelligent algorithms reveal the optimal combination out of a vast amount of production parameters and amounts of substances. The increase in data during production and lab testing gives you the opportunity to ensure continuous optimization of your production. Thus you will not only cut production costs and reduce research time but increase output.

The principle behind it can be used in many ways and in all industries. For example, it can be used for forecasting imminent production disruption. This makes effective maintenance planning possible to prevent production downtime. If you, too, wish to use digital analytical processes and methods in the future to optimize your production or output, please contact us.

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