OT Security

IT and OT slowly merge and it’s out of date to think that OT systems are immune to the non-stop evolving threat landscape. Today, a major concern for cybersecurity stakeholders is to maintain the production continuity and the highest level of security at the same time. Because a single incident could be dramatically devastating, Axians and Actemium combine their forces to build the confidence your need on your OT architecture. We deliver unique solutions and services to increase your cybersecurity level of people, processes and technology.

OT Security

Gaining visibility on your industrial assets and deploying the right action at the right moment is one of the main concern for the cybersecurity stakeholders. Initially, Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) environments were different and disconnected. Nowadays, we see a slow connection and convergence because of protocols and the growing value of data generated on both side.

For many years, industrial environment lacks cybersecurity and risk management. Made of proprietary protocols, they were organized in a flat hierarchy, build with a lot of unidentified assets composed of various legacy systems. For example, connections with external suppliers, like maintenance and support, was done with poor or unsecure communications. Connection pipes between OT and IT spaces are spreading slowly at the pace of revampings or new contructions. The Digital Transformation wave increases the attack surface of the whole OT system. This represents a real challenge for security policy and governance, where IT and OT gets more and more mixed.

Why we are different ? What are our key value ? VE, Axians, Actemium : a team of specialist

The slow convergence of IT and OT doesn’t mean that today a single “one-size-fits-all” cybersecurity methodology is appropriate to your industrial environment. Security and risk are not an IT, nor an OT problem, but a business problem. Combine effort of IT and OT experts is needed to develop a consistent policy framework. This is why, we propose the strength of two VINCI Energies brands : Actemium, the industrial specialist and Axians, the cybersecurity specialist. Our project manager manage OT Cybersecurity projects with the support of a team of two experts : Actemium and Axians. This guarantee a most UpToDate, accurate and efficient mission delivery because we master your technical and business environment for dozen of years. Finally, our international coverage feeds our return-on-experience and our cybersecurity knowledge because every country have different cybersecurity maturity.

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