Axians, in association with VINCI Construction, designs and builds a very high speed optical fiber infrastructure for the French department of Moselle. GOVERNMENT AGENCIES & LOCAL AUTHORITIES - FTTH in Moselle (France)

4 years of works to bring very high speed broadband connections to two-thirds of Moselle’s municipalities, through almost 6,000 km of optical fiber, connecting at least 140,000 homes (Fiber To The Home).

This high speed networks plays a vital role fostering local development and brings in a wide variety of services and benefits:

Home care: as populations grow older, very high speed networks are providing essential vehicles to mainstream home-automation solutions using connected objects (remote surveillance, room temperature regulation, chronic disease management, etc.)
Telemedicine, by fostering innovative public services : computer-assisted surgery, remote medical supervision and consultation, etc.

Education and training, with digital schoolbags, online content, MOOCs, e-learning;
Culture and leisure, by connecting people to cultural attractions (virtual visits) and entertainment.