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The way we educate and nurture our students has undergone a major shift in the past 5 years. Social media are mainstream, students use data but they also generate them, while collaboration tools enable new flexible ways of learning – both on and off campus.

Axians designs and deploys high speed broadband solutions and collaborative tools to improve access to digital in the education sector and research

Our services for Research & Education

By understanding how technology can support and sometimes drive changes, we can embrace new working and learning methods. This means we now have the ability to develop educational content, delivering it in ways that improve students’ experiences, while maintaining an efficient, agile, commercially viable model for educational organizations.

We help our customers operate in a flexible and efficient way, in an increasingly data-centric world, while maintaining the highest levels of technical ability that you expect from a partner.

How we address your challenges

1920x1240-grayMake educational resources more accessible

To ensure that knowledge is made available to the largest audience, ICT solutions deployed by Axians provide an on-demand access to all multimedia resources of an educational organization. With the cloud, resources are made available always, anytime and with tamperproof security.

1920x1240-blackImprove access to broadband throughout the campus and in students’ halls and dorms
Encourage distant e-learning and support improved academic outcomes for students. Through wireless and fiber, Axians connects student’s halls and campuses to allow secured and instant access to information and educational resources.

1920x1240Improve network availability to increase mobility
Whether on campus, in lecture halls, or at home, students expect flawless connectivity and quality of service. With Axians, you can deploy broadband networks with centralized management, from the core network to endpoints.

1920x1240-blackEncourage the use of collaborative tools
Strengthening the interaction between teachers and students makes your organization more attractive to students and faculty. Axians deploys Unified Communication solutions that ease collaboration in research activities and for students working in groups.

Our references

Axians Implements Cisco ACI at Aventus
Axians Implements Cisco ACI at Aventus

Rotterdam, 4 August 2015 – Aventus, the biggest education provider in the tri-city area of Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen, has opted for a software-defined architecture

EDUCATION & RESEARCH – EDHEC Business School (International)
EDUCATION & RESEARCH – EDHEC Business School (International)

Enhancing the student experience

Axians developed a secured international network connecting Edhec sites worldwide
(Paris, Lille, Nice, London, Singapore).

EDUCATION & RESEARCH – Bingel by VAN IN (Belgium)
EDUCATION & RESEARCH – Bingel by VAN IN (Belgium)

In Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, 70% of primary school pupils use Bingel to do online exercises both at home and at school. Furthermore, over half of the teachers use the Bingel web platform to give pupils suitable exercises and homework.

EDUCATION & RESEARCH – Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Morocco)
EDUCATION & RESEARCH – Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Morocco)

Enhancing the student experience

Provide students and faculty staff at the university with an advanced world-class information and communications system

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