Introducing Axians in the Nordics

For more than 20 years, Qbranch and Graniou in the Nordics have done its best to make IT and telecom work for their customers. They rebranded QBranch to Axians, to take part in the Axians international ICT network.

Introducing Axians in the Nordics


Axians in the Nordics consists of former Qbranch – one of Sweden’s largest outsourcing companies and a leading actor within hybrid IT – and former Graniou – the communication solution company that provides implementation and repair services to Sweden’s leading telecoms companies.

Qbranch and Graniou are now introducing the Axians brand together in the Nordics, a brand fully dedicated to ICT. The launch of Axians was celebrated with customers, partners and contacts during an event in October in the new office in Stockholm.


Axians in the Nordics includes 600 IT and telecom professionals located in 10 offices divided in five cities in Sweden and Denmark.



The launch of Axians was celebrated with customers and partners. The evening started with an exciting ICT-trend seminar with speakers from Microsoft, Cisco and Axians.