Digital technology driving regional development

The Isère regional authority, selected Isère Aménagement as the prime contractor to develop and deploy a public very-high-speed broadband network across the region in the east of France.

PUBLIC SECTOR - ISERE AMENAGEMENT (Alps, France)Our solutions:

Axians designed and built the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) infrastructure for the network as part of the public tender. As well as helping to define the optimum route and contributing to project development upstream, Axians teams built, deployed and coordinated the entire operation. Covering everything from design through to maintenance, Axians’ turnkey solution has delivered a fully scaleable, very-high-speed-broadband network.

Client benefits:

Leveraging Axians’ deep technological expertise, the regional authority has rolled out a network that helps address the growing the needs of the local population: creating jobs, giving everyone access to digital services (such as e-healthcare and e-government), and enhancing the region’s attractiveness.