Axians is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to ICT

Living in a mode that is “always-on”, and communicating within a society that never sleeps, Information and Communication solutions are vital for many human and business activities. To make the world smarter, Axians embraces the business of its clients, as a mean to contribute to the overall value creation. This is achieved by providing top-notch, scalable and sustainable solutions, with a human face and touch.

Best-in-class solutions to boost efficiency and performance

Axians servicesAxians provides all customers, whether businesses, governmental organizations and
service providers, with a unique array of solutions for designing, implementing andoperating their ICT infrastructure. These solutions include customized software, hardware and services for various markets.

Axians understands the implication of what ICT means for people and businesses. Therefore, we design industry-specific solutions, for healthcare and transportation for example, and we also tackle the many major challenges today faced in our communities.


Our solutions

Our solutions are hybrid, capable of being deployed either on the client’s own site or delivered through a “Solution as a Service” model. We achieve this by investing in outstanding and talented team that design forward-thinking and comprehensive offerings.


This enables us to stand by our customers throughout the life cycle of their projects, with a view to helping them achieve their goals and elevate their performances.

  • Cloud Services
    Cloud Services
  • Business Applications
    Business Applications
  • Business Analytics
    Business Analytics
  • Converged Infrastructure & Data Centers
    Converged Infrastructure & Data Centers
  • Security
  • Collaborative Solutions
    Collaborative Solutions
  • Enterprise Network
    Enterprise Network
  • Mobility Solutions
    Mobility Solutions
  • Broadband Networks
    Broadband Networks
  • Core Network
    Core Network

We are an international network

15 countries
150 locations
7000 employees

Axians is a close-knit, international network of business units collaborating in an agile way. This model works well as people and business units can combine their strengths and talents to provide tailored, bespoke and valuable solutions to customers, at the local level and across geographies.
As a network, we leverage the diverse skills of our people and entities to design and roll out turnkey projects, from end-to-end: this is what makes our offering so unique.

Axians is a VINCI Energies brand

In a world undergoing constant change, VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to fast-track the rollout of new technologies and support two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition. With their strong regional roots and agile organisational structure, VINCI Energies’ business units boost the reliability, safety and efficiency of energy, transport and communication infrastructure, factories and buildings.
€10 billion revenue // 65,400 employees // 1,600 business units // 51 countries

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Corporate social responsibility

Axians is the linking pin of our connected planet. We aim higher than technical excellence, to make tomorrow’s world more livable and fair. We are part of a Group that is infused with strong human values and social ethics, a culture of qualitative relationships and close attention to stakeholders and end-users.

We are a Service Company, which means that our wealth lies primarily with men and women that make the Group and in the value delivered to customers. We therefore continuously invest in people to build up their knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills.


  • EDUCATION & RESEARCH – EDHEC Business School (International)
    EDUCATION & RESEARCH – EDHEC Business School (International)

    Enhancing the student experience

    Axians developed a secured international network connecting Edhec sites worldwide
    (Paris, Lille, Nice, London, Singapore).

  • PUBLIC SECTOR – City of Eindhoven – AiREAS project (The Netherlands)
    PUBLIC SECTOR – City of Eindhoven – AiREAS project (The Netherlands)

    Innovation to transform citizens’ lives

    As part of its drive to recover from post-industrial decline and rebrand its image as a hub for innovation and creativity, the Dutch city of Eindhoven wanted to deploy a unified, real-time air quality monitoring system


    Digital technology driving regional development

    The Isère regional authority, selected Isère Aménagement as the prime contractor to develop and deploy a public very-high-speed broadband network across the region in the east of France.

  • MEDIA, CULTURE & SPORT – M6 (France)
    MEDIA, CULTURE & SPORT – M6 (France)

    Delivering engaging, value-added consumer experiences

    M6, one of France’s leading private French TV and media channels, called on Axians to redesign and manage its Web platform.


    Widespread, rapid deployment of the latest technologies

    Deployment of 24,000 access points delivering voice and data services (multiple
    connections, Internet, IP VPN, IP telephony),

Axians’s specialized consulting, design, integration and service teams develop bespoke solutions that transform technology into added values.

Olivier Genelot, Axians brand Director