As technology becomes more advanced, cities have new opportunities to become smarter.

Leaders are starting to recognise the potential of data and technology for more informed decision-making and to improve citizens’ quality of life. Technology is not just built into the infrastructure of the city, but also in the hands of the millions of residents, with news, information, traffic updates and safety alerts at their fingertips.

Smart cities can deliver a better quality of life, from citizen safety, to the morning commute.

Smart cities can use the latest technologies to monitor pollution levels and water consumption. The authorities are then able to take action to create a more sustainable environment based on real data. Technology can be used to monitor crime levels, to allow effective deployment of resources. Commuters can receive real time information regarding traffic and delays, allowing people to reduce their journey time.

Sensors for a more liveable city

The Connected Worlds company in the Netherlands has worked with Axians to roll out a network of sensors that enable cities to fine-tune management of such things as traffic and pollution.

Each citizen benefits from an urban environment in tune with their current requirements,

and also an environment that preserves resources for the future. Smart city solutions allow authorities to receive real-time data, allowing for a faster response and more effective solutions.

Axians deploys an infrastructure that is shared, secured, scalable, and set to support tomorrow’s urban projects.

How Axians can help Smart Cities

Axians acts as the crucial link that brings together all business activities from VINCI Energies to make life more comfortable for all people. Providing them with efficient transportation and helping protect the environment.


Axians deploys 3G/4G networks, WiFi hotspots and fiber to facilitate communications and mobility. The city has the right tools to provide pioneering, real-time services to all users.

Waste Management

Sensors placed in containers indicate the load collected, and may trigger an alert in case of a fire outbreak. Monitoring and data analytics solutions make it possible to manage the overall waste management infrastructure.


Axians collects data from sensors for smart traffic regulation and car park management. With Big Data analytics provided, Axians leads the way to new applications such as selecting the best route or means of transportation.

Urban safety

The communications backbone deployed and maintained by Axians supports video surveillance solutions that make the city safer and friendlier. Citizens can even rely on mobile geo-location apps to alert law enforcement organizations.

Communication Infrastructure for the Smart City

There is no single, universal solution for connecting all the buses, cars, urban lighting, and water and energy systems that have built-in sensors. The best solution for a municipality is a combination of mobile, fibre, WiFi, and Lora. Each technology meets a specific need, in terms of coverage, reliability, and efficiency. The choice of technology will depend on the priority – range, cost, energy consumption, bandwidth, latency, or data transfer rate.

An innovative scanner for building inspections

A system based on sub-millimetre wave sensors and artificial intelligence allows for users to ‘see through walls’ and check the location, components and structural integrity of equipment within building frames.  

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