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Network connectivity is business critical but often complex

If one element fails, operations can be severely disrupted. Business growth can hamper the effectiveness of the network, with infrastructures not necessarily evolving at the same pace to support new and changing needs. Increased reliance on home and remote working, coupled with IoT, 5G and the adoption of cloud solutions  brings new challenges for the business network when it comes to access, load and security.

The boundaries and demands on connectivity are constantly changing

Axians works across all industries to build modern networks, helping businesses thrive and providing the best experience.
Education and Research / Enterprise Networks

The Lanstede Group focus on education innovation through Network as a Service

Thanks to NaaS as a future-proof solution, the educational institution is now expecting considerable cost savings and the chance to free up more time from their IT department to focus on innovation in education.
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Banking and Insurance / Enterprise Networks

Bremer Landesbank work with Axians to modernize and replace their IT-System.

Bremer Landesbank found with Axians a single expert to master network, servers and application systems.
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Enterprise Networks / Healthcare

Axians implements new network infrastructure at Universitätsklinikum Freiburg (Germany)

Axians redesigned and implemented the new network infrastructure with high scalability and improved stability, which connects four new data centers and the campus of the University.
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Education and Research / Enterprise Networks

Axians Implements Cisco ACI at Aventus

Software-defined architecture for appealing and sophisticated educational services.
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The adoption of multi-cloud services, AI and microservices are leading to a decentralisation of data and workloads

Creating a higher dependency on the network for bandwidth, speed and latency.

How our Enterprise Networks expertise can help

We work with clients to support their network by providing modern and world class connectivity that just works.

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As a Service

Through our approach we help businesses easily manage costs and consumption

We ensure any potential challenges or demands on the network can be dealt with effectively and smoothly. Customers can scale capacity up and down, paying only for what they need, meaning they can future proof their network as the business grows, without upfront investment.

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Software Defined

Software-driven networks and automation are crucial in the delivery and management of networks

To make sure customers take the right approach, we adapt our support to each client’s needs with flexible and tailormade solutions. This includes the design, implementation and management of the network, to ensure connectivity remains reliable and effective.

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Network Security

Our experts ensure that networks are secure by design

As well as functionality, we also understand that network security is a priority for all customers and a key part of ensuring business continuity. Networks remain a crucial layer in Cyber Security monitoring and enforcement.

The latest enterprise networks news

Enterprise Networks

Xsona LoRaWAN in a Box: Rethinking IoT systems

During Cisco Live 2024 edition, Axians Italia presented the integration of its Xsona IoT platform with a Cisco LoRaWAN network server running as an IOx application on a Cisco device. Axians’ experts, who are behind this innovative and agile solution, introduced the setup of an all-in-one LoRaWAN network, using a Cisco IR1101 as the gateway.
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Enterprise Networks

Axians Germany, tailored managed services whilst cultivating upon best practices

During the Cisco Live 2024 edition, Axians Germany showcased how well-established Managed Services and processes can facilitate the adoption of collaboration tools, making the transition smooth and efficient. Managing IT environments can be challenging for businesses due to the inherent complexity of networks, systems, and services.
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Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure Innovation XaaS

The world of as-a-service is evolving

If done right, it has the potential to provide companies with a unique set of tools to innovate and accelerate business goals.
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10 November 2021 Cisco Enterprise Networks Expertise Innovation Partnerships

Axians Receives EMEAR Award as Transformation/Innovation Partner of the Year at Cisco Partner Summit 2021

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Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure Enterprise Networks Expertise

Network as a Service; an agile response to the evolving network

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Enterprise Networks Partnerships

Delivering IT more as a utility with Cisco Plus

Businesses are looking for providers like Axians to deliver and manage their services – more like a utility
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Enterprise Networks

As a CIO or IT manager how do you manage the balancing act between the company objectives and the IT budget?

The network enables devices, applications and their users.
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The benefits of Network as a Service

The benefits of Network as a Service for your entire organization

In this e-book, five experts from Axians — the CIO/IT director, the CFO, the HR director, the CEO and the CTO/Business Development — give their vision on what NAAS means for an entire organization.

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Network as a Service

Axians Networks as a Service (NAAS) makes connectivity simple. An end-to-end infrastructure, 24/7 support and lifecycle management for your workforce and customers to experience a continuously fast online journey. NAAS consists of a scalable pay-per-use subscription model. As a customer, you will have connectivity that just works, without the worry of maintaining. Axians make sure what you expect happens, so you get the connectivity you need.

You can find more about NaaS with our local teams in Netherlands, UK, Portugal , and Germany