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As connected technology evolves, our cities and towns are becoming smarter

Citizens are expecting more from the places they live in, and the relationship with government and local authorities to deliver efficient, quality digital services. As well as needing fast, reliable and scalable technology infrastructure to ensure public sector teams can serve citizens effectively, these authorities also need to adopt solutions to support and respond to sustainable and inclusivity.



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Enhancing the regional economy, staying competitive and increasing quality of public service

We  help local governments improve citizen well-being with proven expertise in deploying, scaling, operating and maintaining any digital infrastructure at a large, city-scale.

Axians works with local authorities and governments to make their digital transformation journey smoother, faster and better controlled.

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Axians provides affordable and high-performing digital solutions

We understand that budget is a key issue for the public sector. Our solutions take into account what already exists to maximize and improve services.  Our deployment teams will consider efficient solutions that optimise services and sustain financial investments made.

How Axians can help Governments and Local Authorities

Integrate services and territories

Starting at the core of a city’s network, we provide fast and reliable broadband that is a vital tool in connecting rural and urban areas.

Enterprise Networks

Citizen data privacy

Our team of Cyber Security experts ensures that the privacy of citizens’ data is prioritized without uncompromised at all stages of this digital chain.

Cyber Security

Collect and transport relevant data

This data is enriched by data analysis processes developed by Axians. Specific business applications enhance this new key information,  helping decision-makers to put in place informed measures for continuous improvements within towns and public spaces.

Business Applications and Data Analytics

Our experts

We have recognized expertise in the consulting, auditing, design, deployment, scaling, operation and maintenance of digital infrastructures. Our objective is to help government and local authorities meet their main challenges, whether this is strengthening their competitiveness or their attractiveness or improving the well-being of citizens.

News and Insights

Business Applications and Data Analytics

How AI is a performance lever for our business units

Day by day, computing power, the scope of algorithms and the wealth of available data are all steadily increasing. At VINCI Energies, artificial intelligence is already being used for the most operational tasks.
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Cyber Security

Cyber Security: tune in to the video podcast series 

In an age where data breaches and cyberattacks are no longer rare occurrences but regular headlines, it's crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest cybers security trends and technologies. Companies have a responsibility to protect not only your personal data but also the sensitive information of their organization. During the October Cyber Security Month, Axians around the world prepared a series of video podcasts on the important topics within Cyber Security.
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Government and Local Authority

How IT is helping city decision makers make effective choices

Until now, the development of territories has been carried out over time with the deployment of independent technical solutions that respond to identified and circumscribed issues: installation of public lighting to make night-time travel safer, deployment of heat or energy networks to improve comfort, installation of waste collection and water distribution networks to improve hygiene, deployment of communication and transport infrastructures to promote exchanges, etc. These non-mutualized deployments have progressively created silos, one consequence of which is to present territory managers with a fragmented vision of territorial functioning.
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Microsoft Partnerships

Axians is strengthening its Microsoft partnership to spark customer outcomes 

As a people-centric organization, Axians’ mission is to improve people's lives through digital innovation. Axians has been a strong Microsoft partner for many years and holds a wide range of Microsoft based Partner Designations and Advanced Specializations. 
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Government and Local Authority

Improving quality of life in Aix-en-Provence through technology

The Aix-en-Provence city council has decided to capitalize on Smart City benefits mainly with the aim of improving the quality of life of both citizens and visitors. In addition, to showcase innovation at the service of the population and act for the environment thanks to relevant field data which will help to predict and thus better prevent.
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Government and Local Authority

Data Management for Smart City

Forecasts estimate that in 2050, more than two thirds of humanity will live in cities. This high urban concentration leads to new uses and growing expectations in the management of mobility, security, waste management, communication, city’s operations, sustainability, and energy consumption. To address these concerns and improve the living environment, the concept of smart city has emerged.
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Government and Local Authority

The development of video analytics for the smart city

Bringing intelligence to cities means increasing the quality of life of its residents or visitors, digitalizing an ecosystem, and making the whole environment interact to better understand it. At Axians, we believe that video analytic solutions can be one of the ways cities can improve the overall quality of life of its residents, businesses, and visitors.
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Partnerships Telecom Infrastructures

Axians Portugal and Nokia support REN in building a state-of-the-art mission-critical transmission network with DWDM/OTN technology.

Nokia announced its first optical switch contract in Portugal with Redes Energeticas Nacionais (REN), the Portuguese Transmission System Operator (TSO), which has renewed its optical transport network using Nokia's packet DWDM/OTN technology as part of its telecommunications network transformation program.
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Cisco Partnerships

Axians & Cisco are digitizing and expanding enterprise’s IOT in Germany and the Netherlands with Cisco Private 5G

Cisco is collaborating with Axians to provide Cisco private 5G to enterprises across industries in Germany and the Netherlands.
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Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure Innovation XaaS

The world of as-a-service is evolving

If done right, it has the potential to provide companies with a unique set of tools to innovate and accelerate business goals.
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