Ready-to-use, Easy-to-install

A telecom solution meeting the urgent needs of mobile operators

All in One (AIO) Tower is a temporary tower, self-standing pylon, which meets the urgent needs of Carriers and Service Providers. It is fast to deploy in both – rural and urban environments. AIO Tower is a turnkey solution that streamlines administrative procedures and has the lowest possible environmental impact.

  • Deployment even in complex environments. Ground footprint: 5m2, height range: 12-25m
  • Installation in less than 4 hours
  • Lower carbon footprint and reusability of the tower
  • Streamlined administrative procedures
  • International distribution network

Lower carbon footprint thanks to reusability and sustainable design

With no civil works or earthwork, AIO Towers save 30m3 of concrete per project after their first installation. Only one boom truck is needed for deployment, and there is no trace of the tower after removal.
The AIO Tower is designed for sustainability – from local EU manufacturing and recyclable materials to tower reusability.

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