The right technology systems and provisioning can help cope with the unknown

Business agility and the ability to respond quickly to changing situations are key requirements for every organization today – no matter their size or industry. The right technology systems and provisioning can help cope with the unknown. But the associated costs and skills required, coupled with ensuring that local and industry-wide regulatory compliance is adhered to at all times, can make putting the right measures in place a big challenge.

How our Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure expertise can help you

Explore why Axians is the perfect partner for business continuity into the cloud and data center infrastructure support.


Business Continuity

Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure support

Our Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure support covers the distribution and rental of hardware and software solutions, associated consulting and deployment management services as needed. Value added services also provide customers with an additional layer of managed services to help with resourcing and security of data, no matter where it is stored.

By outsourcing selected IT processes to the cloud, new features and capabilities can be deployed faster and more effectively.

Cyber Security Expertise

Secure and Compliant Data Center and Cloud platforms

Axians local, global and industry regulatory knowledge and compliance/security expertise means we are well placed to help customers keep data secure and remain compliant with GDPR when running applications and services, across on and off-premise data centers, as well as public, private and hybrid-cloud platforms.

Value added services

An End-to-End Services approach

Change management and the technical aspects of any application cloud migration and adoption are key to success. At Axians, our consultancy services form part of our end-to-end services approach. We help our customers move from traditional to cloud services, by understanding their business goals, technology and security needs and the impact on users and the business of such a change. Only then can we recommend and support the best approach to achieve objectives .


Task Automation in the Hybrid Cloud

The best practices for automation

The approach to be adopted is less about a particular technology, which is constantly evolving, and more about
the methodology to be used, based on experience and use cases co-developed with companies: these use cases
are what will lead to relevant choices and new service offers.