Network as a Service

The network is the core of your organization

Axians Network as a Service (NaaS) delivers end-to-end components, 24/7 support and lifecycle management for your workforce and customers to experience a continuously fast online journey. NaaS Consists of a scalable pay-per-use subscription model.

The Benefits

Specialised knowledge

IT employees with knowledge of next-generation network technology are rare. The Axians service desk is manned by the best engineers and technical consultants, who are available 24/7 and proactively support you.

Lower entry costs, higher ROI

Because you pay a monthly fee on the basis of use, you do not have to pre-finance the network. You can then invest your capital where it generates the highest returns. Axians remains the owner of the hardware, so that you do not have to depreciate it yourself.


Increasing and decreasing capacity is always possible, so that you are not stuck with unnecessary hardware and licences. Furthermore, our specialists form a flexible ICT shell around your organization.


A user-friendly network that is always up-to-date, so that you remain protected against the latest security threats. We actively implement updates and bug fixes, so that you meet the latest security standards.

Subscription to innovation

Always a last-generation network, which is suitable for your organization. We provide a future-proof infrastructure, which continues to grow with the changing requirements within your organization.

Exploit the benefits of SD WAN?

Axians Network as a Service enables you to make use of a Next-Generation Cloud-Managed network with SD WAN functionality for a fixed fee per month. We will arrange the administration, purchase and installation, so that you can focus on supporting your business.

How NaaS plays a critical role in Kiwas Cloud first Strategy

Fitting well with their Cloud-First IT strategy, Axians Network as a Service (NaaS) ensures that all applications are guaranteed a fast and reliable network connection at any of their offices. See more in the video below.

We chose Axians for our Network as a Service solution because we have had a long-standing relationship with Axians, to our full satisfaction, a lot of expertise, a lot of innovative capacity. So it was also an obvious choice to choose Network as a Service for Axians.

Ron Meijer,

Corporate IT Director at Kiwa

Customer story

The Lanstede Group focus on education innovation through Network as a Service

Providing a cost saving, future-proof solution for education.

Computers Axians Enterprise Networks

The Constant Evolution of the Network

A global solution on a subscription basis

Network as a Service offers a global network infrastructure solution and  services on a subscription basis. Meaning that you no longer have to invest in rapidly depreciating network equipment or manage the maintenance and upgrades.