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Cyber threats affect every business across the globe, no matter what industry

As these risks rapidly evolve and become more complex, organizations need expertise that can keep pace and provide the most up-to-date protection at all times.  But finding the right cyber security skills can add to the challenge. Due to a lack of skills and resource shortages in assessing and managing risk, coupled with the complexity of systems and sheer volume of data residing on the network infrastructure, which every business is relying on.

We work as a trusted advisor with companies globally

Creating the right security architecture by combining our highly skilled professionals, global scale solutions and partnerships with industry leaders. Securing your business in this world of skill shortages and increased complexity. 
Cyber Security / Industry

Actemium and Axians make value creation in industry visible at Hannover Messe

VINCI Energies is using its presence at Hannover Messe 2019 to demonstrate the benefits that digitally transformed value-added processes bring to the manufacturing industry.
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Cyber Security / Education and Research

Axians provides a world-class information and communications system at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

A state-of-the-art ICT system integrating the most advanced technology solutions.
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Cyber Security / Education and Research

EDHEC Business School works with Axians to develop a secured international network

Connecting EDHEC sites worldwide to enhance the student experience.
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More than 300 cybersecurity specialists to help you on a local level

Axians is a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) with several Security Operations Centers (SOC) worldwide. See the video to find out more.

Be prepared with Axians

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Axians knows that you cannot afford a generic solution, because every industry has its own Cyber Security challenges.

As part of VINCI Energies, Axians can deliver expertise across industries to specific market needs.

Learn more about Axians Industries

To help build certainty in their Cyber Security strategies – no matter what stage they are at.

Explore why Axians is the perfect partner for your Cyber Security needs.

Team working together

Acting at every layer of the Cyber Security space

Our talented team of over 300+ security experts are certified to the highest levels for our vendor partners around the world and benefit  from our collaborative international community. Delivering the right solution from the right vendor is key to our success, and our value starts with our experts and their industry partnerships.

People Business Cyber Security computer
Removing Risk

Identifying and assessing Cyber Security vulnerabilities

We combine the best of the technology and our talented experts on every layer of Cyber Security, all along the attack timeline. We identify services, including risk assessments and penetration tests, and help customers evaluate where the risks and vulnerabilities lie within their organization.

Blue Mobile tech VPN Axians Team-Human-Touch demonstrating cyber security tools
The best technology

Axians Security Managed Services

We work with companies to determine the protection solutions best suited to their requirements – from firewalls to endpoint protection, and everything in between. Aligning the technology with your business, processes and people. Our security continuous monitoring services help our customer detect what couldn’t been stopped. 

Axians Cyber Security Women in the workplace
Be Certain with Axians

Respond, recover and support services for a strong partnership

We build strong partnerships with our customers, helping them to understand, analyze and counteract an evolving cyber thread landscape. So, their business critical system and processes keep moving and they keep the control. 

Cyber Security is a journey, and we accompany our customers along the path at their pace, to better security. To be certain.

Vincent Bazillio

Axians Technical Marketing Manager

Latest Cyber Security News

Cyber Security

Cyber Security: tune in to the video podcast series 

In an age where data breaches and cyberattacks are no longer rare occurrences but regular headlines, it's crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest cybers security trends and technologies. Companies have a responsibility to protect not only your personal data but also the sensitive information of their organization. During the October Cyber Security Month, Axians around the world prepared a series of video podcasts on the important topics within Cyber Security.
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Cyber Security Industry

VINCI Energies establishes international security operations center for ICT & OT in Basel

Will be home to more than 300 cybersecurity specialists.
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Cyber Security

5 cybersecurity recommendations for home working

Working from home has become widespread. Employees require access to corporate resources remotely, forcing businesses to act quickly setting up the necessary infrastructure. Additional security systems must be implemented to guarantee that only those with proper authorisation are able to access the networks.  
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Cyber Security Industry

GrabIT, the cobot raising awareness in factories

The VINCI Energies brands, Actemium and Axians, jointly developed a collaborative robot (cobot) to counter cyber threats in the manufacturing sector.
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Cyber Security Education and Research

Universities use digital technologies to boost their competitiveness

If they are to attract the best students and lecturers amid strong global competition, universities need to take digital technology on board. Axians supports many universities in the UK and Portugal.
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Cyber Security Healthcare Industry Logistics Transport

Cybercrime: Facing up to the issue

Businesses, administrations and even governments are increasingly being hit by cyberattacks. In a digitalised world and a globalised economy, who can claim to be safe?
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Cyber Security

Cyber Security: Training people to thwart the new threats

Installing security “tools” is not enough to protect companies from cyber attacks. Axians takes a holistic approach to security.
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