The best of ICT with a human touch

Enabling a digital future for a better tomorrow

People are at the heart of our vision

Axians approach goes beyond technology. It’s about skilled experts working closely with our customers to navigate complex digital challenges. We’re a people-to-people organization where human connection and understanding drive solutions. Simply “The best of ICT with a human touch.”

Improving lives with meaningful technology

Innovation is at the heart of ICT, paving the way to a more productive and better world tomorrow. We use advanced technology and innovative solutions to make a positive impact on people’s lives. All while remaining committed to sustainability.

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Enabling your Digital Transformation

Accompanying customers through their digital journeys, we recognize the distinct challenges faced by each business. Delivering tailored ICT services and solutions, we address the unique requirements of diverse markets, all backed by the highest level of security.

Making the right technology decisions is crucial for any business

We have the confidence of many commercial and public-sector organisations who continually place their trust in Axians to solve complex and mission critical digital transformation.

Axians is the ICT brand of VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies accelerates the environmental transitions

Axians is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to information and communication technology. VINCI Energies creates bespoke multi-technical solutions and services for energy, transport and communication infrastructure, as well as buildings, factories and IT systems.

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We believe in joint values

As a VINCI Energies brand, we share the values of trust, autonomy, business spirit, responsibility and solidarity. These assets connect us across the globe. They are embodied in our business units’ culture and are lived by each one of us.

  • Trust


    Trust is a foundation for strong and enduring relationships – either among colleagues, customers or partners. Only with trust people can fully demonstrate their talents. We believe this value highlights our other values as well. It is given, earned, rewarded and allows everyone to work together.

  • Autonomy


    Each VINCI Energies company decides their operational and commercial strategy. It allows us to meet customer needs and anticipate trends in their markets. Within our companies, each employee has a space of freedom and initiative conducive to innovation.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

    Entrepreneurial mindset

    We recognize everyone’s ability to take an initiative, calculate risks, envision success and achieve it. We know how to combine our skills to respond to complex projects, offering our clients top-notch solutions and services.

  • Responsibility


    We empower our colleagues at all levels of the organization, regardless of the position occupied. Everyone is responsible towards their peers, projects, clients and company.

  • Solidarity


    Solidarity is a reality expressed through our work: knowledge, activities and resources are shared within VINCI Energies for greater efficiency and responsiveness. It is also expressed through the involvement of our teams and companies in civil society.

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