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Digital healthcare solutions that enhance patient care

Innovative healthcare systems allow healthcare professionals to dedicate more time to patients. Axians solutions address the complete digital needs – from optimizing resources to meeting personalized patient expectations. With a focus on the patient journey, we strive to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric.

  • More time for care by streamlining repetitive tasks and boosting capacities
  • Improved patient experience with human-centric solutions
  • Better care for money by optimizing resources and capacity
  • Ensured compliance and privacy by securing patient data and trust
  • Sustainable solutions to minimize negative environmental impacts

Secure and seamless healthcare solutions

Axians fuels digital transformation along the entire healthcare value chain, elevating patient experience and leaving healthcare professionals with more time for care.

Digital solutions for better healthcare

Reliable & Secure Communications

To deliver optimal and timely care, authorized health professionals will need full access to accurate information about patients. All while ensuring the highest level of healthcare data security. We provide you with reliable and secure communications that help access information accurately and in a timely manner.

Intelligent Data Handling

Minimize data entry efforts with intelligent healthcare data analysis. By utilizing AI, data can be aggregated and analysed. This ensures accurate information that is easily accessible and shared across systems and organizations.

Domotica & Telemedicine

Connecting devices and connecting people strengthens the intelligent use of data and multiplies the reach and opportunity to automate processes and improve care.

Supporting Processes

User-friendly IT-systems designed to streamline operations and communications while ensuring seamless healthcare processes are an important part of our offer. We automate activities and communication channels for facilitating smooth operations within healthcare settings.

We were looking for a future-oriented solution that could support all business processes in the hospital, our home care, and care centers. We found that with Axians. Thanks to this step, we can further digitize our business processes.

van der Pols Peter

Director of Pantein Zorggroep

Customer stories

A collaborative approach built on a shared goal: to enhance patient care through digital solutions. Together, we harness the power of technology to improve patient care and streamline healthcare processes.


My Luz App: a solution developed by Axians and Luz Saúde

Luz Saúde is one of the largest private healthcare groups in Portugal and a worldwide reference in medical excellence. Digital transformation in healthcare is a major challenge that involves connecting with patients, reducing costs, attending to patients, storing data, and improving operational effectiveness.
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Pantein Zorggroep chooses the future-oriented Care ERP solution Zorg ERP from Axians

Pantein has chosen to extend its partnership with Axians. “After a careful selection process, we deliberately chose Zorg ERP,” says Peter van der Pols, director of Pantein. “We were looking for a future-oriented solution that could support all business processes in the hospital, our home care, and care centers. We found that with Axians. Thanks to this step, we can further digitize our business processes.”
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Business Applications and Data Analytics / Healthcare

NHS PHP Booking App: the online patient booking system

With mental health and stress issues growing among doctors and trainees in the UK, The NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) has been delivering care to doctors for a number of years through its London office.
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Business Applications and Data Analytics / Healthcare

Patient controlled access to data delivered to hospitals from Axians Belgium

Imeldaziekenhuis and AZ Klina work with Axians to to save time and costs for patient interaction with the Kiosk Solution: myHealthbox.
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Digital Workspace / Education and Research / Healthcare / Virtual Classroom

A hybrid virtual classroom for medical training with Nipro Europe and Axians

A highly interactive tele-education system to facilitate remote learning.
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Business Applications and Data Analytics / Healthcare

Axians creates a Big Data environment at UMCG for improved patient diagnostics

Axians designed the data collection, storage and processing, and will maintain the system, helping to improve patient diagnostics and medical research capabilities.
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Enterprise Networks / Healthcare

Axians implements new network infrastructure at Universitätsklinikum Freiburg (Germany)

Axians redesigned and implemented the new network infrastructure with high scalability and improved stability, which connects four new data centers and the campus of the University.
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A linking point between patients, medical professionals, and technology

Innovative business applications and data analytics elevate healthcare, connect doctors with patients and provide personalized experience.

Business Applications and Data Analytics

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Bringing a global perspective to local healthcare challenges. With our deep understanding of healthcare systems worldwide, we’re equipped to tackle not only local issues but also the broader global challenges impacting the sector. From navigating regulations and regional pressures to meeting the diverse expectations of patients, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Cyber Security Healthcare

Axians’ SOC Service: Ensuring Security for Hospital IT Systems

Hospitals face increasingly complex cyber threats, making traditional detection methods inadequate. Real-time detection and a 24/7 response capability have become more critical than ever.
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Axians’ eWaste solution: Enhancing efficiency in waste management

In the context of healthcare waste, which includes pharmaceutical and chemical byproducts, a vast array of hazardous and non-hazardous materials are continuously generated. The World Health Organization describes healthcare waste as a “potential reservoir of harmful organisms” capable of triggering global public health crises.
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The hospital moves to customised IT

The specific requirements of healthcare facilities call for ad hoc IT infrastructure and can involve technical proposals that can be directly operational in the medical sphere.
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Cyber Security Healthcare Industry Logistics Transport

Cybercrime: Facing up to the issue

Businesses, administrations and even governments are increasingly being hit by cyberattacks. In a digitalised world and a globalised economy, who can claim to be safe?
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