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Every challenge presents an opportunity for innovative solutions. Axians teams collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs, struggles, and aspirations. We create innovative technologies that address real-world challenges by the latest technology trends. Contributing to improving everyday life and shaping the world of tomorrow.

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Data-driven solutions empower businesses worldwide. We nurture innovation at the local level, delivering products that can then be deployed at a wider scale. Find innovative IT and Telecom services near you.

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Discover the latest in the world of Innovation by Axians experts. Dive into hot topics like AI, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital twin, and sustainability in innovation. Each episode will take you to a different country, where you’ll hear about the trends, projects, and their impact on customers.

Customer stories

Media, Culture and Sport / Telecom Infrastructures

Axians as a key player in the technological transformation of MATMUT Stadium 

Orange, a leading multinational telecommunications corporation, enlisted Axians to address and tackle technological challenges at the MATMUT Stadium — an iconic French venue renowned for sports events and concerts located in the heart of Bordeaux.
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Carriers and Service Providers / Telecom Infrastructures

The first Swiss ice rink equipped by Axians with cutting-edge mobile technology 

The Valascia, built in 1959, was historically the oldest ice hockey stadium, but it no longer meets the current standards for operators, players, and spectators. To ensure top functionality and maximum comfort, a totally new rink needed to be built.
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My Luz App: a solution developed by Axians and Luz Saúde

Luz Saúde is one of the largest private healthcare groups in Portugal and a worldwide reference in medical excellence. Digital transformation in healthcare is a major challenge that involves connecting with patients, reducing costs, attending to patients, storing data, and improving operational effectiveness.
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Pantein Zorggroep chooses the future-oriented Care ERP solution Zorg ERP from Axians

Pantein has chosen to extend its partnership with Axians. “After a careful selection process, we deliberately chose Zorg ERP,” says Peter van der Pols, director of Pantein. “We were looking for a future-oriented solution that could support all business processes in the hospital, our home care, and care centers. We found that with Axians. Thanks to this step, we can further digitize our business processes.”
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Business Applications and Data Analytics / Healthcare

NHS PHP Booking App: the online patient booking system

With mental health and stress issues growing among doctors and trainees in the UK, The NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) has been delivering care to doctors for a number of years through its London office.
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Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure / Retail

Database as a Service – Oracle Central Databases & Hardware Provisioning

In order to keep the logistics for the food retail trade with 3,200 locations running, powerful and perfectly functioning IT is required.
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Business Applications and Data Analytics / Expertise / Industries / Industry

Axians Belgium with CNHi makes use of IoT and AI for agriculture

An application designed to optimise agricultural productions with AI and IOT
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Telecom Infrastructures / Transport

Axians Italia develop an innovative solution for an automated underground system

innovative solution for an automated underground system
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Business Applications and Data Analytics / Industry

TenCate Grass gets a grip on growth with IBM Planning Analytics

A simple way to visualise and interpret data with dashboards and reports, worldwide
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Business Applications and Data Analytics / Healthcare

Patient controlled access to data delivered to hospitals from Axians Belgium

Imeldaziekenhuis and AZ Klina work with Axians to to save time and costs for patient interaction with the Kiosk Solution: myHealthbox.
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Improved production quality and decreased failure rates. AI optimises the allocation of technical resources and data management logistics.


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Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure Innovation XaaS

The world of as-a-service is evolving

If done right, it has the potential to provide companies with a unique set of tools to innovate and accelerate business goals.
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10 November 2021 Cisco Enterprise Networks Expertise Innovation Partnerships

Axians Receives EMEAR Award as Transformation/Innovation Partner of the Year at Cisco Partner Summit 2021

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Education and Research Innovation

Automation in education: Accelerating campus innovation and efficiencies

Achieving optimal efficiencies in business has never been more important, as every industry continues to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for their future operations.
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Education and Research Innovation

Taking action to tackle underachievement in education

Keeping the wheels of education turning during a pandemic has undoubtedly been one of the toughest challenges facing the industry in recent times.
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Innovation Logistics

Optimising warehouse logistics: the digital twin

An agile digital twin approach developed by Axians applied to both the logistics and storage sectors involves simulating, analysing and optimising a process virtually in 3D, before implementing it in the real world.
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DevOps: Agility in software rollouts

Axians is helping companies align their objectives and accelerate processes by applying the principles and practices of DevOps. This aims to align the functions of the software development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams.  
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Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure Smart Building

IT services, defined by flexibility

ICT systems are the leading providers of bespoke modular solutions, as they sit at the heart of digital transformation.
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Smart Building Transport

An innovative scanner for building inspections

A system based on sub-millimetre wave sensors and artificial intelligence allows for users to ‘see through walls’ and check the location, components and structural integrity of equipment within building frames. 
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Government and Local Authority Smart Building Sustainability

To remain attractive, the cities of the future will be efficient

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