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Using technology innovatively to improve processes and boost productivity is crucial for industry growth. At Axians, we support your digital transformation, providing secure IT infrastructures, business applications, and AI-driven analytics. On top of that, together with our sister company Actemium, we provide unique IT & OT excellence, accelerating your path to Industry 5.0.

Industry 5.0

Following Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0 integrates innovative technologies like predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Industrial IoT. It highlights a triple-bottom-line approach: balancing economic, environmental, and societal impact.
Industry 5.0 brings the human touch to digital transformation, ensuring people play a vital role. Axians supports this digital transformation by leveraging secured IT infrastructures, business applications, and AI-empowered analytics solutions.

  • Flexibility, to adapt to the demand and produce at will
  • Sustainability, to overcome the environmental challenges
  • Productivity, to continuously improve competitiveness
  • Reliability, the key to an efficient and safe production
  • Quality, with a need to upscale

Your industry transformation with Axians

Transformational Industrial Technologies

We work as a strategic partner and vital link to help customers transform industrial production and supply chain to keep the ‘shop floor’ running. We do this through a variety of key technologies including, autonomous robots, simulation, system integration, IoT, industrial cyber security, cloud computing, additive manufacturing, augmented reality and big data.


A Blend of Expertise to support digital transformation

We offer a unique approach to help businesses gain real value from operational technology and key IT solutions. Through the right blend of industrial Cyber Security, consultancy, Data Analytics and predictive services, we can accompany you on a successful digital transformation journey.



Local to Global Scale

Our local capabilities and international reach make us a trusted partner to companies managing global-scale projects and infrastructures. Our IT expertise and solutions – including Cyber Security, Telecom Infrastructures, Enterprise Networks, Digital Workspaces, Cloud and Data Center Infrastructures, Business Apps and Data Analytics – means you can improve productivity and the industrial economy whilst extracting real value from your data and keeping it secure.

Customer stories

We help customers across all industrial sectors  tstay flexible and efficient through the right mix of operational and digital solutions. 

Business Applications and Data Analytics / Expertise / Industries / Industry

Axians Belgium with CNHi makes use of IoT and AI for agriculture

An application designed to optimise agricultural productions with AI and IOT
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Business Applications and Data Analytics / Industry

TenCate Grass gets a grip on growth with IBM Planning Analytics

A simple way to visualise and interpret data with dashboards and reports, worldwide
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Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure / Industry

Manage and monitor complex IoT systems and data in industry, using Axians’ cloud-based platform

How simplifies IOT management.
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Business Applications and Data Analytics / Industry

Royal Eijkelkamp is boosting its relevance for international customers with Axians

Axians Netherlands is helping Royal Eijkelkamp develop and implement its data strategy.
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Cyber Security / Industry

Actemium and Axians make value creation in industry visible at Hannover Messe

VINCI Energies is using its presence at Hannover Messe 2019 to demonstrate the benefits that digitally transformed value-added processes bring to the manufacturing industry.
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Industrial Environment white paper axians smart industry

Smart Industry white paper

Smart process innovation with Manufacturing Analytics

Learn more about how Axians supports businesses in translating the potential of Manufacturing Analytics into concrete business advantages.

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Axians at Hannover Messe 2024

This year, Axians focuses its presence at the Hannover Messe entirely on the campaign motto "TO CONNECT OT".
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Cyber Security Industry

VINCI Energies establishes international security operations center for ICT & OT in Basel

Will be home to more than 300 cybersecurity specialists.
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Cyber Security Industry

GrabIT, the cobot raising awareness in factories

The VINCI Energies brands, Actemium and Axians, jointly developed a collaborative robot (cobot) to counter cyber threats in the manufacturing sector.
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Cyber Security Healthcare Industry Logistics Transport

Cybercrime: Facing up to the issue

Businesses, administrations and even governments are increasingly being hit by cyberattacks. In a digitalised world and a globalised economy, who can claim to be safe?
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Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure Industry

Smart Glasses in aid of maintenance

The Smart Coaching solution developed by Actemium enables maintenance professionals on the ground to benefit from real-time augmented reality on an optimised platform.
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Cloud and Datacenter Infrastructure Industry

Chatbots support “augmented maintenance”

Robots capable of simulating conversations can be a valuable resource for maintenance technicians and engineers working in the field.
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Our global reach and local expertise make us a trusted partner for companies handling large-scale projects. Axians IT expertise and solutions improve productivity and the industrial economy whilst keeping your data secure.