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08/04/2021 Cyber Security Industry

VINCI Energies establishes international security operations center for ICT & OT in Basel

Will be home to more than 300 cybersecurity specialists.
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Innovation Logistics

Optimising warehouse logistics: the digital twin

An agile digital twin approach developed by Axians applied to both the logistics and storage sectors involves simulating, analysing and optimising a process virtually in 3D, before implementing it in the real world.
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17/12/2020 Smart Building Transport

An innovative scanner for building inspections

A system based on sub-millimetre wave sensors and artificial intelligence allows for users to ‘see through walls’ and check the location, components and structural integrity of equipment within building frames. 
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18/11/2020 Cyber Security Industry

GrabIT, the cobot raising awareness in factories

The VINCI Energies brands, Actemium and Axians, jointly developed a collaborative robot (cobot) to counter cyber threats in the manufacturing sector.
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16/04/2019 Healthcare

The hospital moves to customised IT

The specific requirements of healthcare facilities call for ad hoc IT infrastructure and can involve technical proposals that can be directly operational in the medical sphere.
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17/07/2018 Government and Local Authority Smart Building Sustainability

To remain attractive, the cities of the future will be efficient

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16/04/2018 Cyber Security Education and Research

Universities use digital technologies to boost their competitiveness

If they are to attract the best students and lecturers amid strong global competition, universities need to take digital technology on board. Axians supports many universities in the UK and Portugal.
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03/01/2018 Cyber Security Healthcare Industry Logistics Transport

Cybercrime: Facing up to the issue

Businesses, administrations and even governments are increasingly being hit by cyberattacks. In a digitalised world and a globalised economy, who can claim to be safe?
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22/09/2017 Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure Industry

Smart Glasses in aid of maintenance

The Smart Coaching solution developed by Actemium enables maintenance professionals on the ground to benefit from real-time augmented reality on an optimised platform.
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18/07/2017 Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure Industry

Chatbots support “augmented maintenance”

Robots capable of simulating conversations can be a valuable resource for maintenance technicians and engineers working in the field.
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