Limiting the impact of our business on the environment – a challenge for everyone

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More intelligent, more mobile, more connected.

Towards a Sustainable World

The world evolves every day. VINCI Energies carries out numerous projects that contribute to improving everyday life and to shaping the world of tomorrow. The Axians approach has aligned with the Group, based on a Green IT audit and leading to an operational action plan.


Axians logistics warehouse

Axians is delivering eco-friendly solutions to customers

The solutions deployed are at the heart of the operational activities of the clients, and they are part of their journey towards sustainability. Thanks to our understanding of customers’ needs and our different expertise areas (including IoT and Business Applications), Axians can help our customers save water in cities, reduce their fuel consumption and optimize the energy efficiency of their sites and buildings.

Latest sustainability news

Sustainability VINCI Energies

Speeding up our drive to promote more environmental solutions

Implementing a new environmental roadmap.
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Government and Local Authority Smart Building Sustainability

To remain attractive, the cities of the future will be efficient

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Business Applications and Data Analytics Sustainability VINCI Energies

New resilience for the electricity grid

Electricity grids must devise a new approach to stability, paying special attention to data and energy storage solutions.
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Smart Building

Smart irrigation – City of Florence EN

Working with Axians Italy, The City of Florence is saving 30% of water consumption thanks to this smart irrigation project, part of the Horizon European initiative.

An international approach of sustainability steps

Axians is working on developing greener ICT offers. The objective is to reduce the footprint of the offers we deploy.  Our teams are involved in auditing existing infrastructures footprint and designing more sustainable ICT architectures, using current technological trends towards more virtualization and softwarization. The technological shift managed by Axians innovative teams is eased by the cooperation with our partners who are also committed to bringing the best performance solutions.


  • 40 %
    Reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030
VINCI Celebrates

World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, VINCI teams went online to share the actions and initiatives they have taken in support of the Group’s environmental strategy.

The strategy, focused on three areas (greenhouse gas emissions, resource preservation through development of the circular economy, and conservation of natural environments), is notably aimed at achieving a 40% reduction in VINCI’s CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 2018.