VINCI Energies, Actemium and Axians at the Hannover Messe – “Digital Factory”

VINCI Energies in Germany presents solutions designed to boost industrial performance with its brands for industry and ICT – Actemium and Axians – at the Hannover Messe 2018.

The smart industry experts connect industrial technology and digital transformation, thus enabling a holistic data flow for better control, analysis and optimization of production processes. The trade fair presentation will focus on showcases to directly demonstrate the added value of digital solutions for industrial customers. These include analytics solutions for wastage optimization, the connection of digital twins and augmented reality as well as more efficient maintenance. A special highlight of the “data-driven factory” will be the IIoT platform for robotic automation, a joint development of VINCI Energies and KUKA.


Data-driven production – and therefore the “data-driven factory” – needs a smooth information flow between operational technology (OT) and IT. This requires a good deal of integration work with regard to signal and data processing. Many technology providers only partially meet the users’ needs , says Bernhard Kirchmair, Chief Digital Officer at VINCI Energies in Germany.

With its unique ecosystem of IT and industry specialists, partners and startups, VINCI Energies combines the best of both worlds. In Hannover we will show how to put industry 4.0 into practice – from the idea through prototyping to productive solutions.

The vendor-independent system integrators Actemium and Axians are at the heart of the VINCI Energies ecosystem, which is realizing the “data-driven factory” in proven solutions. The Actemium experts specialize in automation, process control and EMSR technology, while the Axians ICT experts develop data platforms provided with computing power, facilitate digital collaboration and guarantee cybersecurity.


“Industrial performance – digitally improved”

Moreover, visitors can gather detailed information on solutions in the field of industry digitization at the VINCI Energies booth:

  • Smart Industry Portal as standardized data platform for overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
    The Axians Smart Industry Portal automatically collects all relevant production data – including machine, sensor, building data, ERP, PPS, MES data and spreadsheets – in one platform and combines them as soon as an error check has been performed. This way, thorough analyses and further business intelligence tools can be applied to individual machines or the entire production.
  • Smart Maintenance – Service platform for all MES systems
    Using the Actemium data management solution “Mobile Maintenance in One”, companies in the process industry can enhance the efficiency of complex processes. This grants employees mobile access to all necessary information for commissioning, factory operation, maintenance and repair.
  • Dramatic wastage reduction with Smart Industry Analytics
    Axians uses a real application example to demonstrate how wastage can be reduced using data analytics methods in plastics industry and other fields of continuous production. Here, sensor data are evaluated with software support and combined with a rule-based production control. Scenarios that might negatively influence product quality will be automatically avoided.
  • Digital twin of manufacturing premises in cooperation with Navvis
    The VINCI Energies brands Axians and VINCI Facilities have developed digital 3D building copies in cooperation with the indoor navigation provider Navvis. On the basis of high-precision laser scans photorealistic visualizations of production rooms and machinery can be realized.
  • Digital mine in practice
    Actemium presents digital innovations in the field of raw materials production. These include a 3D control panel for excavators and conveyor technology as well as the use of drones for mine monitoring and data collection.
  • Efficiency in SAP based service and maintenance with platform-independent mobility solution
    The Axians NEO Mobile Suite extends SAP processes for technical customer service and maintenance to the installation on site. The digital recording of all feedback data eliminates the need for paper-based processes.
  • Connected factories require holistic cybersecurity strategies
    With the help of a Cybersecurity Demonstrator the VINCI Energies security experts of Axians and Actemium will explain the action fields and levels of industrial cybersecurity at the Hannover Messe.


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