The idea of  the Axians technology conferences were to dedicate a online event to our technical communities and experts. Giving them a chance to gather together online to promote their skills and connect teams across countries.  The first event in 2020 blended keynotes and breakout sessions from mainly internal speakers and some external guests.

Tracks ranged from infrastructure and operations, security, apps and data and the work life balance. Offering not just a two day event, but ongoing access to a wide spectrum of topics and videos.


  • Virtual Connections
  • Special Guests
  • Postal gifts

Axians Tech Conference 2023

Cross-expertise, live technical keynotes, trending topics and more. The 4th edition of Axians Tech Conference took place on November 30th, 2023. The biggest virtual event for all Axians colleagues worldwide, was presented by a theme “cross expertise”.

Axians Tech Conference 2022

This 3rd edition of the Axians Tech Conference (ATC) had 1500+ registrations and saw about 1000+ attendees connected on a virtual platform from across all 27 Axians countries worldwide over 2 days full of networking, learning, sharing skills and passion for technology, some music and virtual fun!

Axians Tech Conference 2021

The second year running for our event,  the 2-day virtual Tech Conference will connect our Axians technical experts once again. To share, network, learn and debate about the latest progress in infrastructures, operations, development, and security

The first Axians 100% technically-focused virtual conference

Axians Tech Conference 2020

Our first  international technology conference was held on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2020, as a remote event. Bringing together 700+ Axians participants from 21 countries for the latest progress in infrastructures, operations, development, and security.

From the event, 19+ hours of videos from 100 speakers were made available to our teams.