Hospitals face increasingly complex cyber threats, making traditional detection methods inadequate. Real-time detection and a 24/7 response capability have become more critical than ever.

Many hospitals lack the specialized personnel needed to manage their own Security Operations Centers (SOCs), with 80% of healthcare CIOs ramping up cybersecurity investments in 2024, according to a Gartner survey. External, robust and secure cybersecurity solutions have become a pressing need to protect sensitive medical data and ensure patient safety.

To address these needs, Axians enables hospitals to conduct security assessments and transition to a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC). This SOC monitors IT systems, enhances the security of medical devices, allowing hospitals to focus on patient care.

Axians’ partnership with Medigate enhances SOC as a Service by focusing on medical device security. Medigate’s expertise and tools specifically address the unique challenges of protecting medical devices in clinical environments, offering tailored solutions that meet the distinct needs of hospitals.

Indeed, SOC as a service simplifies hospital cybersecurity by delivering non-stop monitoring and defense for a hospital’s IT systems. Expert teams detect and respond to threats in collaboration with the hospital.

Axians’ SOC service, combined with 24/7 monitoring allows healthcare providers to prioritize patient care, confident that their IT systems and medical devices are secure.