The network enables devices, applications and their users.

Innovation requires room in the planning

Organisations are becoming more dependent on their network infrastructure. The management of which is becoming more crucial and intensive.  It’s expected that IT departments are involved with innovation and the future of the organisation. Even so, network optimisation is almost never a part of the company objectives.

What if you can reduce 25% of the time that you spend on network management to 5%? Gaining some room in the available time of your IT specialists. To innovate and be more profitable you can:

  • Develop new services with IT
  • Optimise the production process
  • Improve quality with the help of data
  • Increase accessibility of your organisation
  • Improve the working environment of your employees and much more!

Network as a Service demand is on the rise, and the network is being outsourced.

Along with more room for innovation there is another major benefit to Network as a Service. It works with standard network profiles. This accelerates the technical implementation and operational manageability of your connectivity challenges. At ‘new’ locations. For example an organisation following a merger can be quickly connected to the ‘core-network.

Network as a Service offers ready-made building blocks. It is not necessary to build customised network profiles for each branch, location, target group or business unit. These are already available at Axians Network as a Service.

With a services catalogue we provide businesses with immediate insight into the costs.

Kanis Edwin

Marketing & Innovation Manager at Axians Netherlands.