An agile digital twin approach developed by Axians applied to both the logistics and storage sectors involves simulating, analysing and optimising a process virtually in 3D, before implementing it in the real world.

At first glance, nothing could appear simpler than a warehouseHowever, in reality, organising product storage and order picking operations can be a tricky task.  

Optimising warehouse operation is an important element of warehouse management. Planning the routes taken by employees through the warehouse is dependent on a number of variables, from distance, time and weight of the load, to how the products are stacked on the pallet.  

Talking to Max van Kasteren, client manager at Axians The Agility Effect shows how big data can provide better coordination and the highly intuitive solution of the digital twin technology. 

Digital twins make it possible to clearly explain why a change is efficient and effective. They clarify the changes to be introduced to optimise the logistics process and save even more costs.

The Benefits of using digital technology to solve warehouse management issues:

  • Algorithms can be used to optimise routes, where the fastest route is calculated based on a number of variables (crowds, destination, means of transport etc.)
  • Collection time can be reduced by handling products stored in the same area within a single trip. 
  • Through combining orders, businesses gain time and reduce costs.  
  • Predict how many employees will be needed on a daily basis  
  • Prompt managers to reconfigure the space. 
  • Simulate and test the proposed changes before implementation in the real world 
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