In making use of different private or public clouds, a business gains both agility and the capacity to innovate.


But reaping the full benefits of multicloud involves a learning curve. Businesses are using multicloud without knowing it. According to the “Multicloud 2020” survey conducted by Axians and Dell Technologies, 47% of CIOs surveyed have projects in progress or under consideration in this area. However, only 9% of respondents claimed to be completely familiar with the concept.

What is multicloud? 

As the name suggests, it involves making use of multiple clouds, whether public or private.  With multicloud, CIOs are responding to the major challenges of the current health crisis because, according to participants in the survey. It facilitates:

  • remote working
  • business continuity security
  • the digitalisation of business activities

Multicloud requires careful orchestration

The benefits are not immediate, however, and multicloud does require a learning curve. Companies that initially use a single public cloud create a dependency on that provider (a problem mentioned by 58% of CIOs). Other complaints related to confidentiality, security and the loss of skills.

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