This acquisition strengthens its Axians portfolio of data and analytics services

Kadenza has been taking care of companies since 2004 in the complex world of big data, visualization and (financial) reporting with the aim of maximizing the return on available data. In recent years, Kadenza has invested heavily in concepts such as cloud data warehousing, data virtualisation and predictive analytics.

Organizations have more and more data available to analyze, as well as within the organization as from external data sources. They have the ambition to be data-driven but often do not know how to approach it. Solid, reliable and flexible data platforms and architectures are of foremost importance. Kadenza responded to this by investing in seniority, content, architectural knowledge and through strategic partnerships with parties such as Denodo, Snowflake and Board.

Blankendaal Jeroen

Director at Kadenza

Kadenza helps companies to make data the engine of business processes. The activities of Kadenza, with € 14 million turnover and more than 80 professionals are taken over and will continue to work as an independent business unit. Axians, with around 1,000 employees in the Netherlands, is expanding its portfolio in business analytics in the banking, insurance, financial lease, industry and hospitality segments.

Edwin van Merriënboer, director at Axians said, “Sensors and data are increasingly the basis for smart new applications. IoT, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Bots and Apps ensure that we can create data and use it at any time. Axians already has a broad knowledge base with more than 160 professionals in the Business Analytics domain and has invested heavily in building data science knowledge and services in recent years.”

This acquisition is fully in line with the VINCI Energies strategy to strengthen Axians in its further development of Intelligent Apps and services and is even essential in the smart industry, smart grid, smart building and smart city portfolio.

Rob van Kaathoven, Managing Director at Axians said, “Together, a powerful organization and a broad portfolio are created to help realize data driven and intelligent solutions for ambitious organisations.”

Kadenza will continue in the future under the name Axians.

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