Broadening its range of ICT solutions and services for the private mobile network market.

As part of its ICT activity, VINCI Energies on 29 January acquired the French Sysoco company, an integrator of private mobile networks, which ensure highly secure business communications and which will be coming into widespread use with the advent of LTE(1). These networks are used in critical missions and processes (fire brigades, civil protection services, airport and railway operations, etc.) and for specific customers (municipal administrations, amusement parks, etc.).

With 2018 revenue of €30 million and 170 employees, Sysoco is the leader in France – apart from the national security services – in the market for PMR(2) network integration. It offers broad expertise in private group communication systems, encryption services and mission-critical mobile networks. Its range of solutions covers network design, engineering, rollout and maintenance as well as development of SaaS applications. Sysoco is based in Décines in French Rhône-Alpes region and currently has 21 locations throughout the country.

Changing mobile telecommunication network technology

The acquisition of Sysoco reflects VINCI Energies’ ICT expansion strategy, supported by its Axians brand, and is a further step in the aggregation of its telecommunications infrastructure business activities in France. The move will broaden the group’s range of solutions and services for local authorities and for customers such as airports and industrial undertakings

Burban Arnaud

Managing Director of the Telecoms Infrastructure activity in France

“We are on the verge of a wide-ranging technological change – the advent of LTE – that will provide far more functionalities for private networks and in particular support exchange of videos and mobile access to databases with maximum security. In joining VINCI Energies, Sysoco can acquire additional resources to switch these private networks to the LTE technology,” says Gérard Gabet, co-founder of Sysoco.

(1) LTE (Long Term Evolution): the new mobile network technology that will support access to extended uses thanks to reduced latency.

(2) PMR “Professional Mobile Radio” networks: PMR networks are private networks that meet specific needs in terms of availability, uninterrupted service, stronger confidentiality, call preemption, instant connection, group calls, etc.

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