VINCI Energies has reached an agreement to acquire SAIV, a group of companies specialised in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and solutions. SAIV Group employs 160 people in Italy and Algeria, with revenue of €35 million in 2016.

Thanks to this acquisition VINCI Energies is introducing its Axians brand, dedicated to ICT, in Italy. This expansion will allow the Group to integrate new competences and address new market niches that can be developed within the already existing VINCI Energies Axians network.

SAIV is a family business that started its activity in 1977 in telephone installation and in 2000 branched out into IT networks and then digital network implementation and maintenance engineering, including data centers and the cloud. The latest acquisitions (Telcables Net and Teletronica) have allowed to furtherly develop the products and services portfolio to meet the requirements of the customers and to provide innovative solutions. The opening of a branch in Algeria enabled it to begin operating in the North African markets as well.

The SAIV Group has strong expertise and positioning in certain market sectors like Hospitality, Industry and Local Public Authorities, while Teletronica has a strong cruise ship ICD expertise and a leading position in this growing market.

SAIV wants to become a one company solution for all its customers, being a reliable partner that, thanks to the dynamism of ideas, people and technology, is the sole point of contact for all aspects of the ICT area. Technology and related services changed quickly and significantly in the recent years and we at the SAIV Group continue to move along with it. The SAIV Group wants to be a leader in innovation and can offer high-quality services. By seeking affiliation with Axians, we can also share the respective competences to create added value and further opportunities for our employees and our customers.

Alessandro Bregolato, Enrico Quaglio

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of SAIV

Thomas Ernst, Chairman of the Board and Mario Capellari Managing Director of VINCI Energies Italy, add: “The arrival of the SAIV Group will allow Axians to start its development in the fourth European ICT market. The activities of SAIV are very similar to the Axians one and furthermore the development and the investment of SAIV in new segments like cybersecurity, IOT and Industry 4.0 are perfectly in line with our strategy to face the digital transformation.”

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