VINCI Energies announces its acquisition of Bluescale. Bluescale supports businesses in the digitalization of their processes by providing services and solutions that help them to get most of their data. Through this acquisition, Axians completes its data analytics offer in France, following the acquisition of Appex in 2020 and SETRA Conseil in 2021.

“Our goal was to partner with a company that was international in size and scope, and so we are very proud to join Axians, a VINCI Energies brand. By leveraging the power of our data analytics solutions and services through our alliance with Axians, we aim to become a key player in businesses’ digital transformation”, said Nicolas Minelle and Franck Bellenger, co-founders of Bluescale.

“Thanks to Bluescale’s expertise, we are now in a position to offer a comprehensive data analytics solution, covering the entire data value chain (data pipeline), from data capture through to business applications,”

Pellemans Yves

CTO and Director of Data Analytics at Axians Communication & Cloud.

In 2021, Bluescale achieved a turnover of €10 million with 80 employees. This brings Axians data analytics headcount in France to over 150 employees and turnover to €30 million. This line of business mainly addresses the needs of the industrial, energy, banking, insurance, education, research, retail and health sectors.

About VINCI Energies

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