VINCI Energies announces the acquisition of smart software and low code specialist Gillz. Through this acquisition, VINCI Energies strengthens its Axians portfolio of intelligent apps, data and analytics services. Axians is the VINCI Energies brand for ICT solutions.

Since 2017, Gillz is a fast-growing company that supports organisations in automating processes that interact with end users. They do this with low-code application development in collaboration with their partners Mendix and Microsoft.

Bart Evers, director at Gillz: “By merging with the Axians low-code team, we see an opportunity for further growth in this market. Especially in the industry segment; we see great opportunities in the coming years. The strong market position of the Axians brand enables us to help even more organisations to digitalise and accelerate their business.”

Gillz advises, develops and optimises intelligent business applications in the form of mobile apps, portals and platforms. The aim is to make end users as productive as possible. Data-driven work is central to their apps; from video applications in healthcare to controlling industrial equipment with a smartphone or tablet. By using low-code application platforms, the process of delivering functionality is fast and agile, in visible co-creation with the users.

Gillz’ knowledge fits well with Axians in which data integration, analytics and IoT have been part of our portfolio for years. More than 275 professionals work on smart applications in healthcare, industry, retail, trade, mobility and many other segments,” says Edwin van Merriënboer, director at Axians.

Low code applications, such as Mendix and Microsoft Power Apps, make application development accessible to everyone. It is not necessary to master a programming language. This ensures acceleration of the development process significantly and making prototypes quickly tangible.

Together, Axians and Gillz are already working on AppVenture, a service to help organizations work more efficiently through the use of intuitive and truly intelligent apps. We build and learn together with the end users so they can make optimal use of enriched data.

Bob van der Panne, commercial director at Gillz: “We aim to serve all our customers to accelerate their business. Our focus is on the employees by providing them with intuitive and intelligent applications to enable them to make better decisions and carry out their work more efficiently. Furthermore, we believe it is important that our customers acquire knowledge and skills, so we support them in strengthening their own low-code capabilities through our Academy. The great thing about low code platforms is that developing applications is much less technical, making IT accessible to many more employees with specific business knowledge. This reduces the gap between business and IT.”

This acquisition is fully in line with the VINCI Energy strategy to support Axians in its portfolio and further development of intelligent app, data and analytics services. Gillz will soon continue under the Axians brand name.

Together, an effective team with lots of knowledge and expertise is created to help ambitious organizations to digitize their working processes, with a human touch!

van Kaathoven Rob

Managing Director at VINCI Energies – Axians

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