AxiTrack, developed by Axians, is a Circular Logistic solution in a mobile app enabling field operators to scan dismantled items on-site using their phones. This process seamlessly integrates materials into AxiShop, the app’s online marketplace for reusing dismantled materials, boosting efficiency in technology upgrade.

By bridging the information gap, AxiTrack serves as an essential link, providing visibility into the entire upgrading process. It enables precise tracking of used components, which speeds up and improves the process where the goal is to enable the re-usage of components. These can be deployed in Sunrise’s own network or in other operators’ networks, nationally or internationally, contributing to higher reutilization rates and cost savings.

Since 2023, AxiTrack has facilitated the second life of thousands of components within the Sunrise network and internationally, showcasing the success of optimized logistics and sustainable practices.

AxiTrack seamlessly connects with the AxiShop platform, enabling the immediate registration of equipment details. Real-time data is accessible online, offering an efficient solution for tracking and managing dismantled equipment. This circular economy operates through three distinct phases:

  1. On-Site Dismantling: Field operators utilize the AxiTrack app to scan and record dismantled items at the location. Material is disassembled on-site and logged in AxiShop through the AxiTrack mobile app.
  2. Inbound Matching: The central warehouse employs AxiTrack to align expected inbound deliveries with scanned items, ensuring precise tracking. Once materials reach the central warehouse in Kirchberg, selected components are checked for visible damages, verification, booking and storage.
  3. Efficient Component Management via AxiShop: The data recorded in AxiTrack is immediately available in AxiShopThe online reporting system lists available components for easy request and order placement. AxiTrack promptly alerts in case of discrepancies, facilitating quick action to notify customers about missing equipment.

As materials seamlessly transition from on-site dismantling to inbound matching and efficient component management via AxiShop, AxiTrack ensures a streamlined process from start to finish. However, it also significantly helps prolong the lifespan of hardware by efficiently identifying items which have been listed as suitable for repurposing or re-selling. Around 40% of dismantled items are found to be reusable.

Sunrise, Switzerland’s largest private Telecom Operator, in collaboration with Axians, recognized the need to optimize mobile radio infrastructure. The rapid evolution of mobile radio technology necessitated efficient handling of dismantled components. In collaboration with Axians, Sunrise developed a comprehensive concept to enhance data logistics and reutilization, establishing regional collection centers for components.

From providing real-time visibility to facilitating sustainability through increased reuse, AxiTrack is a game changer in the dismantling equipment industry.

This solution can easily be adapted to suit other operators or industries.