How simplifies IOT management

Sandvik, a Swedish company that supplies materials and technologies to the metalwork industry, has implemented a one-of-kind digital system to optimise production monitoring. This system uses sensors to measure parameters within the tubes, for example temperature. Data is continuously transmitted from the sensors to the cloud using edge computing technology. This also allows data to be used for local process steering. 

The system uses the (mSB) platform, a complete IoT device management suite, managed by Axians IoT Operations. This solution meets Sandvik’s requirements, providing a large number of sensors which can process different types of data. Additionally, another benefit to mSB is that it can process data sources that are of different generations and speak various modern or legacy protocols.  

IOT BUSINESS CASE: Sandvik Intelligent tubes

Sandvik SMT are specialists in tubes and their materials. These tubes are used in extreme environments and much can be won if measured data could be retrieved from the usage of the tubes. SMT has a patent on placing sensors within the walls of the tubes. These sensors can measure temperature, strain, vibrations and such. Axians has been helping Sandvik in the development by bring the data from the sensors to the cloud. Axians has also developed the cloud solutions and created a service portfolio platform with IoT operations based on microServiceBus. 

mSB is a convenient option as it is integrated with five of the main IoT data concentrators in the market, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and IBM Watson. It overcomes siloing by operating and communicating across the board. Systems such as ServiceNow, Cisco Jasper, GitHub and Azure DevOps are easily integrated. mSB also works on the majority of peripheral platforms, for example MBed, Docker, Ubuntu Core, Yocto and Buildroot 

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