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On Tuesday, January 9th, Axians and Pantein Zorggroep officially signed a collaboration agreement on the ERP solution for healthcare: Zorg ERP. Pantein has chosen to extend its partnership with Axians. “After a careful selection process, we deliberately chose Zorg ERP,” says Peter van der Pols, director of Pantein. “We were looking for a future-oriented solution that could support all business processes in the hospital, our home care, and care centers. We found that with Axians. Thanks to this step, we can further digitize our business processes.”

New innovative services

“Zorg ERP feels like co-creation because we have closely collaborated on this solution”, says Peter van der Pols, Member of the Board of Directors, Pantein Zorggroep.

“We expect that this software will result in time and cost savings for us in the coming years. This benefits healthcare as it relieves healthcare professionals. Smarter processes allow them to spend more time on caregiving. This is crucial as the demand for healthcare will continue to grow. Therefore, we must leverage each other’s expertise and explore new paths. Digital healthcare applications and smart innovations are incredibly important in this regard.”

Suzanne Beijnen, manager of Zorg ERP at Axians, adds, “We were able to shape both the product development and the implementation process, where implementation partner FinStones also played a significant role, as true partners. It was beautiful to see.”

Zorg ERP is a Microsoft-based ERP solution specifically developed for the healthcare sector


Director, Axians

“We are constantly in consultations with healthcare institutions for this purpose”, continues Niko Brouwer, Director of Axians. “With the (innovation) power of Microsoft and our healthcare expertise, we continuously respond to the specific requirements and needs in healthcare. In this case that of Pantein, where we support both cure and care.”

“The Axians Zorg ERP platform provides us access to a variety of innovative services. Thanks to an Artificial Intelligence service, we can save time on invoice processing in a secure and reliable manner. Zorg  ERP fully supports us in integrated and advanced business operations, ensuring best support for the primary care process.”

“This software will result in time and cost savings for us in the coming years. This will benefit healthcare, as it relieves healthcare professionals.”

van der Pols  Peter 

Member of the Board of Directors, Pantein Zorggroep

ZORG ERP : ERP system for the healthcare sector

Zorg ERP is a specifically designed ERP system for the healthcare sector, built from the ground up to meet the specific requirements and needs of healthcare. Axians utilizes a stable and proven foundation: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Recently, Forbes awarded this ERP software a five-star rating (out of five) for its software completeness and excellent integration capabilities. Recognizing that hospitals and healthcare institutions share many similarities but also have significant differences, Axians have developed two versions: Zorg ERP for hospitals and Zorg ERP for healthcare institutions. Axians brings years of experience to both.

Zorg ERP distinguishes itself on the following points, among others:

  • Accounts Receivable Management

The accounts receivable management is specifically developed for healthcare. In healthcare organizations, invoices and claims are structured differently compared to other sectors. Zorg ERP simplifies the process of maintaining a robust healthcare accounts receivable management system despite this complexity.

  • VAT Exemption Scheme

The healthcare sector operates under a VAT exemption scheme. Zorg ERP determines the applicability of this scheme to a purchase and automatically applies the pro-rata regulation, without user intervention, reclaiming the VAT from the Tax Authorities. For composite items composed of various VAT rates, such as a treatment tray, the software can be configured to automatically split the invoice based on predefined ratios.

  • Invoices

Zorg ERP is part of the Microsoft 365 family. This allows invoices to be automatically recognized and processed directly from the email stream. These invoices are booked into Zorg  ERP without the need for manual intervention by employees and are matched with a PO number.

  • Purchasing

Healthcare organizations cannot simply buy from any supplier. The products must comply with various guidelines, and sometimes, logistical processes must adhere to specific protocols, such as with medications. With a ‘Request & Evaluate Portal’, Zorg ERP supports decentralized ordering processes that adhere to centrally established agreements.

  • Logistics

Zorg ERP enables the management and monitoring of highly detailed logistics agreements with suppliers to ensure their proper adherence. This includes tasks such as splitting a large delivery into partial shipments to different locations, even extending to deliveries at the addresses of home care clients.

  • Human Resources

Zorg ERP supports HR departments in matters such as talent management and strategic workforce planning, which are crucial to retaining personnel for an extended period and preventing them from resigning only to be hired as self-employed professionals.

  • Standards and Protocols

Zorg ERP complies with all standards and communication protocols for information exchange in healthcare and integrates seamlessly integrating with databases and registers of entities such as Vektis/VECOZO, CIZ, and KIK-V.

  • Integrations

Zorg ERP comes with standard integrations with all other relevant systems in healthcare. This includes links to major EHR systems (such as Nedap ONS) as well as key software for managing healthcare automation systems (such as Verkerk Service Systemen, Zetacom, and IQ Messenger).

  • System Changes

The healthcare sector undergoes frequent system changes that have a significant impact on operations, such as changes in the billing process. Consider, for instance, the transition from GGZ to the Healthcare Performance Model. Naturally, the EHR system bears the greatest impact, requiring a complete rebuild from the ground up. However, it also affects all systems that the EHR communicates and integrates with, including the ERP system. As an IT specialist in healthcare, Axians is involved in all system changes. We are often at the table when crucial decisions are made regarding the automation of healthcare processes. Consequently, we can guarantee that system adjustments or new integrations are always ready on time.

What further developments can you expect from Zorg ERP?

Where Zorg ERP already significantly supports business operations, Axians is currently collaborating with Microsoft to develop additional functionalities for the future, including advanced integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Wouldn’t it be convenient if the ERP system could predict, based on information in the EHR/EMR or through pattern recognition, that a particular department will consume more incontinence materials because a new resident is incontinent? This way, caregivers and nurses don’t have to manually realize they need to order more, and Zorg ERP takes care of it for them. Such predictions can essentially be made for all orders, whether it’s the procurement of meals, laundry contracts, or the implementation of healthcare automation in a residence. Additionally, consider the controlling or corrective applications of AI, such as in accounts payable, where an incoming email can be checked for the presence of an invoice or for items like advertisements, reminders, packing slips, etc. This way, the financial administration and other departments also benefit from smart advancements in Zorg ERP.

About Pantein Zorggroep

Pantein boasts one of the broadest portfolios in the Netherlands, combining care centers, home care, and home services. This results in a comprehensive range of health and care services. Pantein provides care that is close and familiar but also encompasses top-notch medical care. The organization collaborates closely with hospitals, including Radboudumc and Sint Maartenskliniek, as well as partners in the community: general practitioners, midwives, welfare institutions, education, businesses, and municipalities. Everything is geared towards providing a complete and high-quality healthcare offering. In doing so, the organization supports the good health of the residents of Northeast Brabant and North Limburg.



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