The administration of patient data can take a lot of time, just think of the long queues in the hospital hall. That is why Axians Belgium developed myHealthbox: an online integration application with which patients can vouch for their data in a safe and controlled way, and which makes the interaction between patient, doctor, and hospital easier. Everyone has the correct information and registrations are now automatic.

These were developed for hospitals offering accessible, high-quality care for patients and referrers from the North Antwerp and Noorderkempen region and Bonheiden. AZ klina has 580 hospital beds and Imeda has 502 officially recognised hospital beds.

From now on, the patient registers for his appointments that day upon arrival at the hospital. The kiosks in the entrance hall are designed in such a way that, based on the patient’s electronic identity card on the one hand, and integration with hospital administration systems on the other, all patient data are verified, the registration for the appointments is registered and the accompanying documents and labels are supplied.


Patient Benefits

  • Simple procedures
  • Minimal waiting times
  • Optimal service
  • View of personal data
  • Hospital benefits
  • Quality service
  • Efficient reception
  • Short queues
  • Simple user management
  • Correct patient data
  • Better insights through reporting

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