The Valascia, built in 1959, was historically the oldest ice hockey stadium, but it no longer meets the current standards for operators, players, and spectators. To ensure top functionality and maximum comfort, a totally new rink needed to be built. The new Gotthard Arena was to be equipped with a network coverage that met the latest standards. That’s why Swisscom contracted Axians for this challenge. 

Axians’ mission was to set up a highly efficient mobile phone infrastructure, requiring the integration of the latest technologies for a faster mobile network and stable connections. Without compromising network smoothness, the goal was to strengthen the bond between fans and the club, allowing them to share experiences more interactively through social media, live feeds, or even video downloads, using all available transmission technologies. 

Another challenge was the discreet placement of antennas to blend in with the building’s design. There was also an unusual aspect: each antenna had eight 30-meter wired connections, carrying significant weight for a 15-meter height. However, the new antennas were installed just in time for the opening, relieving the congestion of the existing mobile network around the stadium and leaving network saturation issues in the past. 

“Axians impressed us with remarkable reliability and met deadlines, even under time pressure,” notes Luca Speziali from Swisscom. Fans of Ambrì Piotta, the Swiss professional ice hockey club, now enjoy stable connections, enhancing their ability to share their highlights with the community through this improved network. 

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