For the brand-new World of Wine, Axians Portugal implemented a technology platform designed to track and analyse visitor behaviour. 

Keen to realise the best possible return on their investment, WOW’s promoters called upon Axians to implement a system allowing them to closely monitor the behaviour of visitors to the site. The 35,000-square-meter complex comprises of 6 museum experiences, 11 restaurants, shops, a wine school and exhibition spaces. The space and its multifunctionality required an innovative technological platform, capable of elevating the visitors’ experience. For this reason, the Axians Portugal consulting team worked with World of Wine on the design of solutions that provide unforgettable experiences, combining factors such as mobility, interactivity, robotization and sensing.

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“The nature of this project requires us to be imaginative and disruptive also with regard to the implementation of technology and, therefore, we have chosen to entrust this important part of the project to Axians Portugal, which has a lot of quality work, demonstrated both in the context national as well as international ”.

Ferreira Nuno

WOW IT Manager

We are proud to be part of the development of an innovative project at an international level with the characteristics of the World of Wine, which will surely mark the national tourist scene and have a decisive impact on the region of Porto and the entire economic cluster associated with wine from Porto. We are convinced that the technological solutions that we will design for WOW will contribute to creating excellent memories with millions of visitors per year. ”

Faustino Pedro

Executive Director Axians Portugal