Axians is helping companies align their objectives and accelerate processes by applying the principles and practices of DevOps. This aims to align the functions of the software development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams.  

40% of software rollouts are reworked due to not meeting users’ needs.

Developers and operational staff have different priorities, causing blame and antagonism when new rollouts fail to go perfectly. The frontline operations team prioritise quality over time and cost. Their main objective is to guarantee system stability. On the other hand, the development team prioritises speed and cost-effectiveness. Their main objective is the implementation of the changes as quickly and economically as possible.  

Ricardo CarvalhoInnovation Project Manager talks to The Agility Effect about how Axians is helping companies, the benefits of DevOps and how to operate in an agile mode

According to Microsoft, the average cost of downtime for a customer-facing application is close to $100,000 an hour.

Axians provides a range of on and off-site services, including consulting, training and engineering to help implement DevOps practices. Our experts can install new tools and provide training in a shared agile methodology. A DevOps team therefore will have expertise in design, development, product management, quality control, infrastructures and security. By following an agile project management method, teams can be more efficient and adaptive. This can help businesses bring their products to the market more quickly.  

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