PUBLIC SECTOR – City of Eindhoven – AiREAS project (The Netherlands)

Innovation to transform citizens’ lives

As part of its drive to recover from post-industrial decline and rebrand its image as a hub for innovation and creativity, the Dutch city of Eindhoven wanted to deploy a unified, real-time air quality monitoring system using NO2 sensors installed at traffic lights.
City of Eindhoven – AiREAS project (The Netherlands)AiREAS is a pioneering project involving doctors, engineers, researchers, elected officials and citizens as part of an open, collaborative platform.

Our solutions:

Axians designed and installed a network of sensors measuring various air quality indicators at traffic lights across the city, together with the IP network that transmits data to the authorities to give them a real-time view of pollution levels and temperature. This data is also shared with university research teams studying the links between pollution levels and the increase in certain types of disease.

Client benefits:

This is the first project of its kind on a city-wide scale in Europe. It is based on an innovative concept of all stakeholders pooling their expertise and understanding to work together to meet growing demand among citizens for a cleaner, healthier city.