Axians Press Releases

  • Italy

    VINCI Energies acquires the Italian SAIV Group

    VINCI Energies has reached an agreement to acquire SAIV, a group of companies specialised in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and solutions. Thanks to this acquisition VINCI Energies is introducing its Axians brand, dedicated to ICT, in Italy.

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  • Portugal

    VINCI Energies acquires Novabase IMS

    VINCI Energies acquires NOVABASE IMS, the Portuguese leader in infrastructures and managed services. NOVABASE IMS delivers turnkey services and solutions to its clients (in the financial services, telecommunications, utilities, industrial sectors and local authorities).

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  • Introducing Axians in the Nordics

    For more than 20 years, Qbranch and Graniou in the Nordics have done its best to make IT and telecom work for their customers. They rebranded QBranch to Axians, to take part in the Axians international ICT network.

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  • Polynesia

    Axians kickoff in Polynesia

    Axians, the ICT Brand of VINCI Energies, organized on September 11th, Friday, an event for its official brand kickoff in Polynesia. To this occasion, Axians gathered all its institutional and private partners to show its expertise and know-how.

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